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2023 Forms:

Mandatory Packet Forms

Below are the documents distributed in the packet at the mandatory meeting in January.  Please read through all of the information.  Forms marked with ** denote forms that must be completed and returned by May 1, 2023.  Deadlines for any other forms are noted below.  Any form that must be filled out is a "fillable" pdf and can be filled out on your computer prior to printing.

Form 1 - Welcome Letter
Form 2 - Horse Project Registration**
Form 3 - Project Guidelines
Form 4 - Clinics & Events
Form 5 - Year End Awards
Form 6 - Awards Wish List**
Form 7 - Circuit Show Bill & Rules
Form 8 - Circuit Show Registration Form
Form 9 - Volunteer Commitment
Form 10 - Equine Ambassador Application** (if applying)
Form 11 - Horse Stall Reservation (due June 15)
Form 12 - Photo Release**
Form 13 - Waukesha County Horse Association Disclaimer**
Form 14 - Waukesha County Fair Horse Project Procedures
Form 15 - Adult Code of Conduct**
Form 16 - Youth Code of Conduct**
Form 17 - Code of Conduct Violation Report

State Packet
Riders who plan to attend the State 4-H Expo or State 4-H Gymkana must submit the entry form to the show office by 2:00pm on the Sunday of the fair. 

Packets will be provided at the fair, but a printable copy of the State Expo Packet HERE. Entry forms available HERE

Additional information is available on the state website HERE

Many non-riding classes refer to the Educational Events in the 4-H Horse Handbook.  Find that information

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