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Schooling Clinic/Show - May 18, 2019

Schooling shows are typically held in May, prior to the first Circuit Show of each year. Schooling shows are beneficial in many ways, we encourage all members, new and experienced to attend.


  • Ensure safety of the member and their horse. Attending the Waukesha County Expo show grounds can be intimidating for new riders and horses alike.


  • Understand what the judges will be looking for during the Circuit Shows. Judges attend a meeting at the beginging of each year. During these meetings, they are informed of any new concepts, scoring, or changes to disciplines. From that meeting, the judges are required to carry out these new regulations. Attending a schooling show is a great way to learn this information.


  • Check out the competition. See who else is showing this year and learn from your competition. What do you still need to work on? Head set, seat, transitions?


  • Meet new friends. We are all in the 4H Horse project together. Get to know other clubs and their members. By the time County Fair comes along, you’ll have a few more facebook friends!

Please feel free to print off your schooling show bill and the Disclaimer Form EARLY.


Don't forget your Coggins!


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