Sportsmanship Award Nomination

Sportsmanship is fair play, respect for opponents, polite behavior, and graceful acceptance of results. In order to become self-directed, productive, capable adults, today’s youth must develop the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and aspirations of sportsmanship.

Annually, the Waukesha County 4-H Horse Project recognizes members for Sportsmanship. This year, we will be accepting nominations for this award in two categories: 4H Member and Supporting Adult.  The two selected recipients will be announced at the Annual Awards Banquet in November.


  • Each member, parent, leader, or board member may submit multiple nominations.

  • The nomination form must be completely filled out and signed by the nominator to be accepted.

  • The member nominated must be in good standing for the current year.

  • Deadline for nominations is by 2:00pm on the last day of the fair. Hard copy of the nomination forms can be found at the shows or fair.


Submit the completed forms in the following manner:

A horse project member or supporting adult may be nominated by another horse project member, a parent, a horse project leader, or a horse board member. The nomination process will take place throughout the show season, starting with the first circuit show, continuing through fair, and end with the family/alumni show. You may nominate more than one person.


Sportsmanship Award Nomination